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Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu welcomes you to 4CCon, India’s biggest gathering of Free Software and open technology activists, geeks, hackers and socially conscious tech enthusiasts to be held from January 26-29, 2017 at B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai. 4CCon is the second national conference of Free Software Movement of India , the umbrella organisation of territorial and sectoral organisations dedicated to the cause of software freedom across the country. FSFTN, which is a part of FSMI, is the host for 4CCon.

At 4CCon, you will meet India’s smartest upcoming programmers and veteran technologists, students and academics, who are in the forefront of innovation and expansion of technology. During the conference, delegates and participants will discuss a variety of issues ranging from Digital India, Smart Cities, Digital Commons, Gender and Technology and establish collaborative networks that will span the country in the coming years. Join us in our journey as we envision a new technological trajectory for the country interacting with thousands of brilliant and young minds on the way.

The themes for the conference include:

  • Software: Coding Freedom
  • Governance: The Digital Turn
  • Networks: Ending Discrimination
  • Commons: Opening up Knowledge
  • Contribution: Thinking Beyond Code
  • Gender: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community: Secrets of Success

Hackers & Makers

If you are already aware of Free Software & Free Hardware, then you might be interested to be part of our community.

Some of our community works include creating or exploring and deploying Free Software Alternatives, Project Meshnet, Community Weather stations, etc.

  1. Community Forum
  2. Github
  3. Gitlab

Students & Institutions

In past, we have organized various workshops for students & teachers. Every year, we organize Summer Camp to introduce Free Software to students.

If your institution is looking for a workshop on Free Software and related technologies, feel free to mail us at

Policies & Stands

We have defended the adoption of Free Software and Net Neutrality. We have launched public campaigns to create awareness to the general public, all through the voluntary actions of our community members.

A manifesto for FSFTN will be made available shortly.


Swift Women In Free Technologies is a community initiative by FSFTN exclusively for Women. This initiative was launched with the aim of addressing the gender gap in Free Software communities.