📌 FSFTN is organizing Free Online Technical Classes during the Lockdown.

This Sunday we have class on "Basics of Arcade Games with Phaser 3"

Basics of Arcade Games with Phaser 3

Let us see how to build a simple classic arcade game this Sunday. We  are going to be coding the game "Space Invaders", using Phaser 3 in  Javascript. Brush up on your Javascript and HTML basics, as they will  help you understand the session better.

We will be going through the basics of creating a 2D game,
- Setup our project with Phaser
- Loading on a image on the screen
- Moving the image on the screen with our keyboard
- Collision detection
- Game Start to End Flow

Speaker: Survesh
Date: 10/05/2020
Time: 4PM
Join: https://8x8.vc/FSFTNOnlineSessions

We invite everyone who are interested, to participate in the upcoming knowledge sharing sessions online.