The Executive Committee of FSFTN had a meeting on 28/06/2020 and proposed a list of Members for the New Executive Committee which was accepted by the Committee Members.

The Newly Selected Office Bearers and Committee Members of FSFTN are as follows,

1. Balaji (General Secretary)
2. Prasanna (President)
3. Mugunthan (Vice President)
4. Saran (Vice President)
5. Radhakrishnan (Joint Secretary)
6. Poorajith (Joint Secretary)
7. Uma (Treasurer)
8. Sibi (EC Member)
9. Minat Silvester (EC Member)
10. VMS (EC Member)
11. Rajalakshmi (EC Member)
12. Srravya (EC Member)
13. Guru Lenin (EC Member)
14. Madhan (EC Member)
15. Kamal (EC Member)

FSFTN wishes the newly selected Executive Committee and ensures that the Committee works towards the aims and objectives of the Organization with democratic and mass characteristics of the Movement.