FSFTN Mailing Lists


Mailing lists are one of the better ways to communicate within the community, get updates and follow the progress. Each email to the list is sent to all the members of the community who has subscribed to the list. A person can Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the list at anytime. Major FOSS, Open Source and Open Knowledge communities such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Mozilla, etc coordinate majorly through mailing lists.

We at FSFTN coordinate our works and events through our mailing lists. Even though we have migrated to other platforms such Discuss, Riot and Diaspora, Mailing lists have been our primary mode of communication for organizational purposes.

Subscribing to a List

The process of subscribing to a mailing list is very easy.

  • Visit the Mailing List page
  • Read about the description of the list such as its purposes, objectives, etc.
  • Enter the details such as Email, Name and Password to subscribe to the list
  • Click on the Subscribe button to apply for subscription
  • Once applied, your subscription request will be approved directly or through a list moderator if any
  • You will get a confirmation email once approved

List of FSFTN Mailing Lists

Here is the list of FSFTN Mailing Lists which we use for coordinating and managing our works.

We are always happy to expand our reach and to welcome members to the Team. Feel free to join the discussions and be a part of us.