August 2

Online Technical team organized a session on "Basics of CyberSecurity" in Tamil.
Speaker - Elayanathan
Video -

August 7

Why I like Firefox? | Privacy Tips in Tamil .
Prepared By - Shalini , SJIT GLUG Volunteer
Video -

August 8

FSFTN organised it's 2nd EC Meeting. Agenda of the meeting was based on the previous month activities and august month activities.

August 9

  • Technical Team organised a Series of session on Introduction to Elixir Programming - Part 1
    Speaker - Minat Silvester
    Video -
  • Jce GLUG organised the Series of Web development co-ordinated by GLUG Volunteers Vaidiyanathan , Venkatesh and Sudhakar.
    Session on HTML5 - Part 1
    Speaker - Poornima

August 15

August 23

As a continuation of online series , Technical Team organised a session on Elixir - Maps and Applications - Part 3
Speaker - Minat Silvester

August 29

Jce GLUG volunteers organised the second part of CSS in series of Web Development session.
Speaker - Poornima

August 30

As series of session ends  for the month of August , Technical team organised for a common topic on " Free Software Philosophy ".
Speaker - Poorajith
Video -

Study Circle

  1. Apart from the above activities , Aaron Swartz Study Circle successfully completed the Summary of the book " Hacking Capitalism ". As a final conclusion , President of FSMI Mr . Prabir gave a final understanding about FOSS Movement Challenges and Approach on August 9.
    Refer Link -
  2. Reading Class continous with the next book title as " Free Software Free Society " , written by " Richard Stallman ". Jeyaraj from JCE GLUG gave the Introduction of this book on August 30, 2020.

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